Sharp Shooter Accessories

Bipod Boss  
The bipod boss is a rapid mounting point for Harris bipods. The mounting rail slides into an Anschutz style accessory rail. It is secured with a 1/4-20 thumbscrew for quick detachability and variable positions along the rail.  It is equipped with one stud for bipod attachment, and another at the bottom for sling attachment away from all the hardware and sharp corners on the bipod that result in uncomfortable carry. Weight/ 5 oz.- black oxide steel.

Price:     $25.00

Competition Recoil Lug
A must for any rebarrel job!  The factory Savage lugs are stamped and tend to be distorted and are usually .007 - .010" thicker at the bottom than at the top.  Our heavy duty Savage barrel lugs are made from .240" thick stainless steel, and are keyed to mate with the slot in the receiver to prevent turning.  Available for both standard and large shank barrels.

Please specify:
Small Shank - $28.00
Large Shank - $30.00

Standard Barrel Nut Wrench  
Made from laser cut stainless steel, 3/16" thick and 12" long for leverage.  Will fit both style barrel nuts that Savage currently uses.  Recommended to be used with a barrel vise.

Price:  $41.00

Heavy Duty 2N1 Wrench  
Heavy Duty 2N1 wrench is for the new smooth barrel nuts on one end and the slotted barrel nuts on the other.

Price:  $58.00