Sharp Shooter Bolt Parts

Tactical Bolt Handle  
Featuring a slightly longer length and a tear-drop shaped ball, our Tactical Bolt Handle not only provides more leverage to open the bolt, but also more clearance for scopes with a larger ocular bell.  Bolt handles are available in your choice of black powdercoat or stainless steel finish.  Available for right-hand rifles only.

Please specify Matte Black or Stainless Finish when ordering.

Stainless:  $50.00
Matte Black:  $53.00


SSS Tactical Bolt Handles are also available from Tactical Works in your choice of Flat back or Round back
(970) 672-0765

Bolt Fluting


We now offer an interrupted “fishnet” fluting on bolt bodies. We feel this style fluting is superior to helical or straight fluting as it does not cause interference with drag on cartridges in the magazine or an annoying catch on the safety slot at the rear of the receiver. Offered with your choice of plain or powder-coated flutes. Many colors available.

Pricing varies for with/without color and if you supply us with your bolt or if you want a factory new bolt body.

Your Bolt/No Color - $50.00
Your Bolt w/Color - $55.00
New Bolt/No Color - $80.00
New Bolt w/Color - $85.00

NOTICE:  Early in 2014 we had to change our fluting pattern slightly as the cutters we used to use for the old pattern were discontinued.  The photos to the right depict the current pattern and is what you will receive.

Improved Extractor Kit


If your Savage 10/110 or Axis rifle has trouble extracting or ejecting spent cases, our Improved Extractor Kit may provide a solution.  Our kit consists of a modified extractor, larger extractor detent ball, and custom SSS ejector and ejector spring.

Price:  $20.00