Sharp Shooter Single Shot Loading Ramps & Adapters

"Fred Sled" Single-Shot DBM Magazine Adapter  
By popular request we have made a single shot magazine adapter that can be used in place of a detachable box magazine for single shot loading. It simply snaps in place just like a magazine box. It is constructed of CNC machined aluminum top with a resin cast polyurethane bottom.

Available for short action only.

Price:  $28.00

NOTE This single-shot adapter will only work on Savage rifles which have the METAL magazine surround on the bottom of the stock.  It WILL NOT work with any Savage Axis model, nor will it work with any Savage rifle that has a plastic magazine surround or has the magazine surround molded into the synthetic stock which is commonly found on some Hunter Series, Package Series and Trophy Hunter Series rifles.

Poly Sled Single-Shot DBM Magazine Adapter  
With the success of our "Fred Sled" adapter, we now offer a similar adapter for those models which use the Axis-style DBM.  This is the DBM that has the plastic retaining clip on the front which is integral with the plastic bottom cap.  It simply snaps in place just like a standard magazine box.

The Poly Sled  is constructed of a resin cast polyurethane body and an OEM Savage plastic bottom cap.

Models that use this style of magazine include:

  • Savage Axis
  • Model 11 Lady Hunter
  • Model 11 Lightweight Hunter
  • Model 16 Lightweight Hunter
  • All Model 10/11 DOA and Trophy Hunter XP's

There may be some other models as well that are exclusives to big box stores or major distributors to which we are not aware. 

Available in short action only.

Price:  $25.00

NOTE:  This single-shot adapter will only work on short-action Savage rifles which have the PLASTIC bottom cap on the magazine itself with the integral PLASTIC retaining clip on the front as shown in the photos to the right.

Single-Shot Loading Ramps
(Fit center-feed actions only)
Our CNC machined aluminum single-shot loading ramp for the new Savage center-feed 10/110 and Axis actions offer a precise fit into the existing magazine port of the action and require no modifications to the action or glue for installation.  This means you can install and remove the loading ramp with ease to switch back and forth between a single-shot and a repeater depending on your needs. Loading ramps are available for the following:

10/11/12/14/16 Short Actions
110/111/112/114/116 Long Actions
110/112 .338 Lapua
Savage Axis

Price:  $20.00

NOTE:  .338 Lapua actions have a longer port than a standard long-action and thus require a .338 Lapua specific ramp.  This ramp WILL NOT fit in standard long-actions.