Sharp Shooter Magazines & Loading Ramps

"Fred Sled" Single-Shot DBM Magazine Adapter

Price:     $28.00

By popular request we have made a single shot magazine adapter that can be used in place of a detachable box magazine for single shot loading. It simply snaps in place just like a magazine box. It is constructed of CNC machined aluminum top with a resin cast polyurethane bottom. Available for short action only.

NOTE This single-shot adapter will only work on Savage rifles which have the METAL magazine surround on the bottom of the stock.  It WILL NOT work with any Savage Axis model, nor will it work with any Savage rifle that has a plastic magazine surround or has the magazine surround molded into the synthetic stock which is commonly found on some Hunter Series and Package Series rifles.

Single-Shot Loading Ramp (for center-feed actions)

Price:     $18.00

Our CNC machined aluminum single-shot loading ramp for the new center-feed actions offer a precise fit into the existing magazine port of the action and require no modifications to the action or glue for installation.  This means you can install and/or remove the loading ramp with ease to switch back and forth between a single-shot and a repeater depending on your needs. Loading ramps available for both long and short action center-feed rifles.


Magazine Conversion FAQs

Q: I have a new Stevens 200; can I convert this to a detachable box magazine?
A: Yes, providing it is a center feed.  You will need a stock, a magazine frame, a front action screw and a bottom cap for the magazine box.

Q: How do I tell if I have a center feed or not?
A center feed magazine is located in the stock, and is NOT attached to the receiver.

Q: Are there any calibers that cannot be converted?
Yes, any caliber that is not currently offered in a center feed magazine; i.e. .375 H&H, RUMs.