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Customer Acknowledgment

At Sharp Shooter Supply (SSS), we would like the customer to know that they have rights.  We would like to address the most important ones in order to protect the customer and SSS.  We feel this is necessary to protect the consumer and the small business in today’s tough economic times. 

SSS agrees to accept your order and to provide the best product/service available. SSS agrees to a 100%  guarantee on the quality and craftsmanship of product or service provided to the customer to be free of any manufacturing or material defects.  This guarantee shall be applicable for a period of one year from the order origination.  In the event of any defects in materials and/or workmanship, it shall be the sole discretion of SSS to repair or replace the product pending no adjustments and/or modifications have been made by the consumer.   SSS shall not assume nor accept responsibility for damages incurred with their products by others (personal or material, accidental or consequential, during installation or use). It is the consumers’ responsibility to know, practice and provide safe conditions pertaining to their needs/environment during handling and/or use of the SSS products.

All SSS products are made per customer order. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct information pertaining to their needs.   All SSS products are made per customer order. SSS makes every effort to produce products in a timely fashion and to keep all orders in chronological order. One may be given an estimate of delivery based upon conditions at time of their order but this estimate may be affected by and vary due to work load, material acquisition and market environment.  All orders containing a SSS custom, exclusive, or specialized product and/or service shall be subject to a 25% (non negotiable) restocking fee if cancelled after 14 days of original order. If order was agreed upon and originated but cancelled within 14 days of origination date, there will be a 5% of total processing fee. 

In the event of disagreement or dispute, VERBAL communication must be made by customer to SSS prior to any further attempted resolution or complaints elsewhere. SSS shall do their up-most best to resolve the customers’ concern.  If this requirement has not been met, there will be a $25 processing fee charged on all disputes.  Once order/estimate has been agreed upon by both parties and payment has cleared, SSS will begin the process of including you into those that have received the best product/service that SSS can provide.

We appreciate your business and hope you appreciate ours.  We have a passion for what we do and greatly appreciate the opportunity to work for you.


My signature below indicates that I have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions as outlined above in the Customer Acknowledgement.

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For barrels, please specify your desired caliber, barrel length, shank size, twist rate and model of action the barrel will be used with.  Be sure to provide a full description to ensure you receive the correct product.  Also, specify whether your rifle is pre- or post-AccuTrigger, center-feed or staggered-feed, long or short action, large or small shank. and  left or right-hand.  Please be sure to include all service fee's and shipping charges that will apply to your order to prevent your shipment from being delayed.  This information can be found in both our catalog and on our website.  No orders will be shipped prior to receiving full payment for products and services requested.
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Available Discounts:
4% invoice total for all orders postal mailed WITH SIGNED order form from website for credit card orders.
8% for invoice total for all orders postal mailed WITH SIGNED order form from website and with postal money orders.
5% for invoice total for all orders postal mailed WITH SIGNED order form from website and with personal checks. There will be a $50 charge for all returned checks. Product will not ship until check clears our bank.
Free shipping and discounts apply for all orders placed by postal mail and paid for by check or money order when invoice total is over $500.
Free shipping for military persons.