Order Policies

Sharp Shooter Supply  has been transitioning and trying to become more efficient with our services and delivery times.  This leads to several ways of conducting business to which some do not understand.

At SSS we would like to address the fact that the consumer has rights but SSS does too.  Remember those “good old days” when a verbal agreement or handshake was as good as a binding contract?  Unfortunately those days are gone forever.

Sadly, we can no longer rely upon presumptuous innocence or common sense.  Of course we prefer to still exercise common sense and try to please the customer, but in the event the situation is not amicable, we shall revert to policy.  Therefore, we shall address a few common contractual relationship points.



Our telephone number is 419-695-3179.  But if you call it, you will get an ANNOUNCE ONLY answering machine instructing you to send us an email or postal letter.  It DOES NOT record messages.

We realize this may seem a bit unorthodox and unusual way to conduct business in today’s generation.  However, with the advanced technologies that are available, many conversations can be conducted and questions answered quickly via email.  By doing communication this way, it allows us to manage our time better and to be more productive in the shop.

We are always glad to speak to people.  We like the opportunity to get to know our customers.  Just send us an email or a letter in the mail.  Let us know your questions or concerns.  If you would like to speak to us, send your phone number to us and let us know a good time to call you.  We are EST.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.



One can print this from our website or we will be happy to send you one via email or postal mail.



SSS Makes every effort to produce the custom made products in a timely fashion and adhere to chronological order.  One may be given an estimate of delivery at the time of their order but the estimate of delivery time could/may be affected by, vary and be superseded due to work load, material acquisition and market environment.  We will always do our best to deliver as soon as we possibly can.



No gunsmithing project shall be accepted without prior reservation or approval.  Due to high demand, we do require reservations for our gunsmithing services.  We limit how many projects we take in and when we do them.  We do charge a $25 non-refundable reservation fee.  The fee is applied to the final billing once the work has been completed.

If a customer needs to cancel the original reservation, we shall be happy to extend the reservation fee for a period of six months.  During that period of time the customer can make another appointment (if available).  After six months the reservation fee shall be forfeited to SSS.



ALL products that are made per customer order shall include a $25 non-refundable order origination fee.

  1. The fee shall apply after five days of the order origination date.

  2.  SSS shall NOT process the order during which time the buyer may cancel.



SSS restocking fee ONLY applies to our custom made products.  SSS may/can/will charge up to 25% of the original cost.

  1. For custom orders cancelled within five days of the original date, there will be no restocking fee.

  2. For custom orders cancelled more than five days but less than 14 days after order origination date, only the order origination fee applies.

  3. For custom orders cancelled after 14 days or the order origination date, the order and origination fee AND 15% restocking fee shall apply.

  4. For all custom orders that have been shipped but returned, the order origination fee PLUS a 25% restocking fee PLUS all shipping charges incurred shall apply.


SSS Strongly recommends that the customer is sure of purchase prior to order.

Under Ohio Law, all cancellations must be in writing and is not acceptable to cancel a contract via email, fax or telephone.
HOWEVER, SSS will be glad to work with you because we realize there can be extenuating circumstances that can come about.

  1. We will accept email cancellations for on shelf items if the item has not been shipped.

  2. ALL policies pertaining to custom items shall apply.

  3. The postmark date of a postal letter is the cancellation date.  The email date and time shall be considered the cancellation date.


will accept returns of on the shelf items for a period of 14 days after postmark date.
We will refund order amount less shipping and handling charges.
All returns must include the return authorization slip from our website.



At SSS we stand behind what we make and what we do 100%.  We will back our products and services to be free of any craftsmanship and/or material defects for a period of 90 days from the date of shipping.  We will exercise the Right to Cure during this period and it shall be the sole discretion of SSS to refund, repair or replace the product or service.  We WILL NOT refund, repair or replace any product or service that has been altered or damaged in any capacity by the consumer.



SSS realizes that we work for our customers. It pleases us to please you.  In the event that there is a disagreement, dispute or disparagement, SSS would appreciate you, the consumer, to first work directly with SSS to reach an amicable resolution prior to seeking resolve elsewhere.  We shall do our absolute best to address and rectify the consumer’s concern.
We do not intend in any manner for our contract language to discourage from freely filing complaints with outside organizations such as any consumer protection agencies or organizations. In general, we do not condone any language that serves to discourage consumers from exercising their rights to file complaints regarding our and/or any business or business practice that they feel to be unjust. 
We merely want to encourage all of our consumers to exercise civility by allowing SSS to rectify any situation that concerns the consumer prior to appealing to the foraged empathies on the world wide web.  After all, we all know the internet is the gospel.
Therefore, we shall/will not be persuaded to partake in any comments and/or conversations on the internet forum boards pertaining to and/or referencing our consumers transaction and/or concerns other than to assist with installation or adjustment of our products.
We’re easy to get along with and hope our customers are too.
So be it, SSS and the consumer shall extend a gentleman’s agreement to not make any statements, written or verbal, that cause or encourage others to make statements, written or verbal, that defame, disparage and/or in any manner criticize the persons or reputation, practices or conduct of SSS and/or the consumer.  SSS and the consumer shall exercise mutual trust and respect for all parties involved.




SSS shall not assume nor accept responsibility for damages incurred (personal, material, intentional, accidental and/or consequential) with, and/or from and/or to any person(s) and/or property during installation and/or use of any of their products and/or services.

It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to know, practice, instruct, follow and provide safe conditions pertaining to their needs, use and environment during installation, handling and/or use of the SSS products and services.

Anytime, anywhere, every time, everywhere and everyone MUST ALWAYS practice and be proactive in safe handling of all SSS products and services.