Sharp Shooter Scope Mounts

Sharp Shooter Rail Base


Our new line of scope bases for Savage 10/110 and Axis rifles are available in your choice of standard (zero MOA) & tapered (20 MOA) to minimize turret adjustment depending on your needs.  They are machined from bullet aluminum to provide both light weight and high strength.  Our Picatinny rail slots will accept all of the popular inverted dovetail rings such as Burris, Weaver & Leupold.

Zero MOA = $45.00
20 MOA = $55.00

Sharp Shooter Two-Piece Base


In addition to our new rail bases above, we also offer a two-piece mount.  While the two-piece mount will mount on all Savage 10/110 and Axis actions, we recommend only using it on short-actions given today's short scope lengths.  The two-piece base is only offered with a zero taper.

Price:  $25.00

Photo Coming Soon!