Sharp Shooter Gunsmithing Services

We offer a variety of custom services for Savage rifles.  While the list below is far from complete, these are the most commonly requested services we provide.  Please contact us by email to receive a quote for any other services you may require for your Savage rifle.

Due to the demand for Fred Moreo's talents, gunsmithing services will be performed by appointment only. You may email or write to be placed on our waiting list.  After being placed on the list, you will be given a specific week to contact us for an authorization number and confirmation of work desired.  At this time, we can make arrangements for you to ship your rifle to us. 


All inbound packages must have an Authorization Number clearly visible on the outside of the package.  Any package received without prior authorization and/or a Authorization Number will be charged an additional $50 fee and be subject to a 90-day grace waiting period, or simply be refused at time of delivery at our discretion.

Other Gunsmithing Services:

True & Time Action $175.00
Install & Headspace Barrel $50.00
Glass Bed (skim coat) $90.00
Pillar Bed Laminate Stock $115.00
Install Our Triggers Free
Install non-SSS Trigger (Rifle Basix, Timney, etc) $15.00
Convert .223 bolt head to PPC $45.00
Rechamber $125.00
Media Blast Barreled Action for Matte Finish
(includes disassembly fee)
Mill in RH Ejection Port for RBLP Actions $50.00

Inlet Your Stock For Factory Detachable Box Magazine
(center-feed only)  Price does not include DBM Hardware

Convert Right Bolt Action to Left Bolt
(includes True & Time)